*"The Warlocks in New Orleans (Mardi Gras)"

With the Mardi Gras season in full swing, the Los Angeles-based Warlocks brought their dark, Echo Park psychedelic rock to New Orleans to support their latest album Surgery. The festive mise-en-scene was accentuated by the bands trademark guitar drone, smoke machine, and strobe lights, but frontman/guitarist Bobby Hecksher ended the set after playing for just 30-minutes, leaving the audience dumbfounded and asking for more. For those 30 minutes, though, the band was hypnotic. Isolation, for example, utilized subtle dynamics in its bass-and-two-drummer rhythm section to build layers of sound. Hecksher and guitarist JC Rees then laid harmonies and noise atop that. As impressive as it was, it wasnt the dense, full sound the band could produce with guitarist Corey Granet (who recently left the band) and keyboardist Laura Grigsby (who was M.I.A. at the show).